Yrik-Max Valentonis

Yrik-Max Valentonis is a writer and cartoonist. His comics and writings have appeared in magazines, e-zines, radio broadcasts, art exhibitions the chapbooks: iDEAL and this is visual poetry; the anthologies: Animal BlessingsDivided AgainSinbad and the Winds of Destiny, and Zombie Nation: St. Pete. He is a graduate of the University of South Florida (B.A.) and Naropa University (M.F.A.).

Yrik-Max Valentonis wanders through the urban landscape seeking out fairy circles. He makes puppets so other people can see his imaginary friends. He steals apples to justify his philosophy. He is Baba Yaga's favorite grandson.


Love Ballad Of The Lonely Octopus


I live in an aquarium, waiting upon her desire

with beautiful exotic fish

a moving painting, an aquatic pornography.

She calls me her sexy sushi.

She brings me out on her whims

when she wants an unique touch

that something different, something missing

exploring limbs and hugs and kisses - a full body embrace.


Her bounty from the sea.

Her dreams consume me.


Memories of a coral reef

islands and oceans away

pearl diving explorer

breathless plunging

pushing waves, pulling currents, a flowing constant movement

a confident, strong, self-assured woman

unencumbered entered another world to gather treasures

netted a personal desire: intelligent companionship.


Her bounty from the sea.

Her dreams consume me.


She cleans her mind through her meditation.

She cleans her spirit through her tea ceremony.

She cleans her body through her bath.

Her naked body submerged in warm water

not alone in a soup of sensation

immersed in the moment, the relaxing pleasure

inhaling the amorous aroma

soaking into the situation.


Her bounty from the sea.

Her dreams consume me.


She has found so many recipes

for her wants

exotic and familiar favorites.

A staple within a mixed seafood soup

     comfortable and subtle.

A tart lemony and oily ceviche

     foreign and intimate.

A crispy appetizer of calamari

     a quick taste.

A slice of sashimi

     the rawness and immediacy.

She feasts for more than sustenance.


Her bounty from the sea.