vivian li

Vivian Li enjoys exploring obscure and intriguing concepts. She also likes to play piano, sing, take nature walks, write poetry, read, and learn about physics. She is currently studying at the University of Toronto, and has been awarded Gold and Silver Keys from Scholastic Awards for her poetry. Her work has been published in The Window, and The Strand Magazine, The Wild Word Magazine, The Humming, and The Victoriad


that girl

That girl

is not yours

to mangle.


Her spirit is an eruption of gales

traversing the world in three-sixty seconds

untimely cocooned

in a mortal soul.


She is not yours to crack

and mutilate.


She is 

a storybook beat of fluttered pages,

the lost melody of your


and present—

the bronze

leaf when it falls,


its wings holding onto

the transient breath

of your



You think she cannot fight


but she has ridden enough


in her life

and she

has deeper roots

to streams, rivers, lakes—

and she will

tear that white flag

of surrender

until the circuit

is broken and you

cannot find the code

to her heart