the law

Volume 51


Lynn Brewer



A short story by Don Stoll

Ellen Flay would later admit to friends that she’d responded peculiarly to the young man who came to her distraught about his murdered lover and with a picture of his beautiful corpse to show her.

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kali’s choice

A short story by Kait Muse

Something’s wrong. The nurse hadn’t asked me to undress and put on the paper gown. She was supposed to, right? This is the final exam before The Big Day. The doctor will need to examine me, clear me for my surgery. No, I tell myself. It’s all in my mind. I’m over-thinking this. There’s a perfectly good reason why I’m not naked sitting on the exam table now. Right?

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night jar

A short story by Victoria Brooks

The thing that constantly challenged Lily throughout her life was whether it is possible to love more than one person at a time. The law told her that it was not. So did everyone else.

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A Succession of Wrong Rights

A prose piece by Mo Priye

I write this smoking poorly hand rolled weed, listening to Avicii.

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