Volume 42
Winter 2016

Lynn Brewer-Muse

Boekestein - brain-1845944_1920.jpg

Turning off, turning on

A short story by Jaap Boekestein

“Do you trust me?”

He is the master, you are the submissive. Of course you trust him.  Otherwise you would not be here in the dungeon, naked, against the wall, ankles and wrists caught in padded print-leather straps (‘Animal-free’). Yes, you trusted him.

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summer in beijing

A short story by Annafray Brunner

“Is this a good one?“

My co-worker glances up from her desk. “Looks nothing like you. What do you need that selfie for anyway? Here, have some tissue.“

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Brunner - roof-1028176_1920.jpg


A poem by Amitabh Vikram Dwivedi

I too want to walk- / Not naked, but topless. / Like males, / I too like to walk around / On a hot summer day.

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the way into my pants

A poem by Jessica S. Frank

isn’t through descriptive sex talk / and leading questions, / What do you want to do to me? / Do you want to watch me right now? / I’ll Skype you.

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wired desire

A mixed genre piece by KK de La Vida

I can't stop   my itch /      to touch, / to click       the itch /  strike & stroke /

              the itch / prick & poke / the /      glitch

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eight ways of being disabled in love

A poem by Barbara Ruth

When we can / I press / my back to her belly / she spoons me / when we can / then she turns on her back / and we readjust the pillows / our hands find each other / say what they want.

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facetime reverie

A poem by Stephanie Stanley Walls

Yesterday, I held you, / but today you are 2-D. / I see you, but I am unable / to explore the topography / of your neck, shoulder, / and breastbone / with my fingertips; / press my lips to your lips; / spoon the curve of your hips.

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