T.C. Mill

T.C. Mill is a queer ex-Catholic who lives, works, and writes in the Midwest. Her fiction has recently appeared in anthologies from Mubwump Publishing, Greenwoman Publishing, and Circlet Press. She blogs at TC-Mill.com. 


stiff-necked in respect life month


My bedside drawer holds a rosary and a vibrator.
I don’t use either of them often,
Just sometimes to help me sleep—
I like to keep my options open.

I like to say NO to all their NOs
Everything from condoms to the priesthood to suicide
Not that I, personally, want to use any one of them
But I like to keep those options open.

A month or two after my father’s death
When it seemed the flare of off-center internal ache
Was a fibroid, I told my mother
I might go on the pill
Instead of putting up with swelling pain every month
Or maybe just to test her reaction to the idea 

About other things I’ve kept as silent as God
I don’t want parents to worry their children are going to hell
No more than I want parents to worry they are going to hell
I want to keep our options open.