stephanie Stanley Walls

Stephanie Stanley Walls believes that the world needs more poetry. She holds an M.A. in writing, and her work has appeared on,, and Stephanie was raised in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee, but she now lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and splits her time between both of these beautiful places.


FAcetime reverie

Yesterday, I held you,
but today you are 2-D.
I see you, but I am unable
to explore the topography
of your neck, shoulder,
and breastbone
with my fingertips;
press my lips to your lips;
spoon the curve of your hips.

Today, I gaze at a simulacrum
of you on a flat screen
after a ding breaks me
from the scrub of domesticity,
and your facsimile
sparks my synapses, reminds
me of breasts caressed,
thighs intertwined, bodies
teased to constrict and unwind.

Through the palms of our hands,
we connect—now tethered
above a marching universe,
by two phones and technology    
transmitting a composite
of face and voice—
breathing, staring, being
as together as we can be;
making love in virtual reality