Sherry K. Anderson

Sherry K. Anderson lives and writes poetry in the country near the small town of Cannon Falls in southeastern Minnesota. She graduated with an MFA in Creative Writing from Hamline University, while working professionally as a teacher for the deaf and hard of hearing, and raising three children. Busy years. She has had a few poems published in small literary journals, but as of yet no chapbook or book. Retired now, she continues to write but also is pursuing other creative outlets that have been beckoning: ceramics, playing guitar, more travel, more time for her grandchildren. It's a good life.   


The great american experiment


They didn’t tell you their little pills in spinning wheels

made you sexless.

Put your natural desire to sleep with artificial hormones,

fake days of the month.

Gone were the rhythms to the moon’s drum.

Gone were your true feelings.

They didn’t tell you years of those birth stoppers

could lead to infertility in you

or even in your daughters.

They didn’t tell you their little dots

fed the bug yeast to proliferation,

until it took over your body

in aches and pains from head to feet,

a disease they could not name

or even believed in.


So years later,

after being part of the Great American Experiment,

you wonder about the lack of orgasms,

the struggles with conception,

the depression,


that they blamed on you.