Shawn Aveningo Sanders


How to Seduce Me


Forget the restaurant.

Forget reservations

      at Zagat’s number one pick.

Cook for me. 

Prepare my favorite dinner.

Here’s a hint—I love Pork.


Forget the Wine.

Forget your collection of vintage cabernet.

The good years are already

   hard enough to remember,

       and I really don’t wanna work that hard.


Pour me a glass of iced tea. 

And let me watch.


Drop six ice-cubes

   into a tall slender glass,

       slippery, cold and wet .

Slowly pour your specialty brew:

    oolong black spice.

Flowing into a liquid curve.


Let it slip, slide, slosh, mingle,

flirting with each cube,

       melting ... melting.


And Baby,

no need to add a spoonful of sugar.

I got the honey right here.