Sarah Thursday

Sarah Thursday, in addition to writing poetry, co-hosted 2nd Mondays Poetry Party, ran a poetry website called, and founded Sadie Girl Press as a way to help publish local and emerging poets and artists. She has been published in many fine journals and anthologies, interviewed by Poetry LA, and received a 2017 Best of the Net nomination for “To the Men who told me my Love was not enough.” Her poetry books are available at Find and follow her to learn more on, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. 


Upon Consulting a Geologist


the geologist says

    you need less abrasion

         and more eruption in your life

       she says my sedimentary

    layers are eroding

        my xenoliths are showing

     she explains my specific gravity

   is concerning

a flint

a fault line

a volcano

she says she peered

          into my artesian well

        but it was dry

     while the stalactites are not

            an issue currently,

                    it’s the stalagmites,

she exclaims, missing from my basin ridge

                   are too far weathered

              never solidly formed

become a flood plain, she says

                       let it effuse

          into your hypocenter

a fiord

a mineral

an earthquake