Volume 48
summer 2018


Lynn Brewer-Muse


i only date women

Creative non-fiction by Rachel Galperin

We skipped down the street holding hands, spoke Russian to each other in public, ate pelmeni and kasha on Brighton Beach, walked the boardwalk until the sun heated too intensely; our feet could no longer push forward.

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my new normal

A short story by Danielle Davis

“You thought I cared. How cute. You were so loyal it was almost hard to be mean."

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oil and vinegar

A short story by Sadie Zapata

Max worked behind the counter. Melanie ate beyond it. She unfolded her napkin the same way every time. Today would be no different.

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Para mi mujere pequeño

A poem by A Kyle

‘round' her small hips

                                i imagine

a string of brass coins      

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the rope stripe

Fiction by James Heath

Janine stood in her underwear and remembered why she’d given up studying herself in the full-length mirror.

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wonder woman

A short story by Elaine Barnard

They are too broad, my shoulders, much too broad. Not like Wonder Woman’s at all. And that’s who I want to be, thought I could be, with the proper surgeries, the extensive and expensive surgeries.

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A short story by Betina Cipher

Have you ever been wrong about attraction? Felt utterly nothing upon meeting someone at first, but then over time noticed your body turns towards that person, that you make excuses to talk to them when that person made almost no first impression at all?

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