Volume 43
Spring 2017


Lynn Brewer-Muse


Porch therapy

"The call of the porch zinged through Monica’s blood. It pulled her up and moved her quickly through the shelter to her favorite room at the front of the house, a warm and comforting three-season porch where women gathered and she could smoke."

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God, Gold, and Glory: Post-Modern Colonialism

"Women sinful to the core. The original accusation gnawed from the full round of edible fruit.  Bulbous like a breast.  A circle in a circle in zeros to the bulls-eye pleasure of sin.  Shame begets hidden indulgence, enhances wickedness to double-down the adrenaline rush.  Massive mammary glands of porn fuel his need; feed his anxiety that you keep yours covered."

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"It was all part of my mother’s plan. As a young divorcée, she was always on the lookout for ways to promote what she referred to as my Olympic dreams. My mom had big ideas, you see, big goals for all of us. She’d use her bookkeeper certification to earn money while she got her M.B.A. She would work her way up to general manager, and one day, oversee the extensive grounds and elegant facilities. After that, who knew? For my mom, each challenge always led to bigger and brighter things."

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How to Report Sexual Harassment in College

"1. Sexual Harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual attention.

When you bend over and the guy next to you takes a picture and snapchats it to his friends, look up the definition to see if that’s what happened. Verify that leering and pictures and graphic commentaries all fall under what it means to be harassed."

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A New Body of Legislation

"1. You are no longer allowed to say penis.

2.  You may use pecker, pee-pee, shlong, dingis, tallywacker, who-who-dilly, baloney pony, or wiener.  A significant fine will be levied for violations."

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A Womb of One's Own

"When I think “pent up,” I think of the flaps of a cardboard box

Restrained by tape, bursting open sudden and unprovoked,

Small explosion of no consequence

To the sound of scratching shuffling paper, nothing destroyed,

Small repressed thing full of air."

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Holding Pipe

"I’m running out of air.
    I’ve slipped into a pipe that is just getting narrower
    soon, not even air will be able to slip through
    I had one, and then another  
    two, too close together"

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I questioned life; she questioned Faith (A Tad and Annie Story)

"To feel a touch.  To need another touch, a caress. A marble. All she had was the fucking marble and that was all that was between them. A piece of solid earth stronger than any circle. A ring isn’t a sphere just, it’s a circle with more into it; but the more’s a finger and oh what a finger can do. There was nothing to beg, but she did steal it or he did for her? Either way, she was ritually abused by the one next to her.

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