Olivia Arieti


The First Night


Before dating Arthur, Nancy had quite a few stories but this time it was different; the guy, young and most handsome, possessed a seductive charm that highly contrasting with his austere demeanour, kept their bodies at an unusual distance. He seemed to have stepped out of a remote century and his reverence towards her ironically, had a halo of holiness.

     Deeply in love and more diverted than disturbed by his démodé gallantry, after an instant engagement, she accepted his proposal.  

The reason that he never went further in their relationship was summarised in his own words, “There are ladies we respect and ladies we pay,” and he added as he slipped on her finger the diamond ring, “the formers are the ones we marry.”

The image of the lost souls walking the streets for some reason or the other filled her heart with compassion. However could he be so insensitive? Her disapproval though, faded before the glitter of the precious stone and a victorious smile brightened her face.

It was renowned that thanks to his looks and wealth, Arthur had many affairs and broke lots of hearts, and Nancy couldn’t avoid gloating for being the one that finally got the enfant terrible to tie the knot. 

The family villa by the lake was quickly refurbished for the honeymoon.

 “The perfect place to enjoy your favours, darling,” he whispered as he placed his hand on hers, while the other one was slowly running up her thigh.

Somehow, his morbid teasing turned out to be more unnerving than intriguing. 


The bedroom wasn’t inviting at all; the heavy tapestry and in particular, the four-poster bed with the dark curtains made the bride uneasy.

Nancy cast a glance at the linen; the sheets were too white, almost immaculate as though waiting for the virgin’s stains of blood.

On opening the drawer for a pair of scissors to cut off the label of her new baby doll, the sight of a whip, cuffs and other gear and toys of the sort made her shudder; Arthur should have told her about his inclinations… Although aware that lots of folks liked those kinds of games, she didn’t.

Doubts and insidious questions crossed her mind soon interrupted by her husband’s knocks.

“I’ll wait downstairs for a while, sweetie,” he said in a mellifluous tone, “want you to have all the time you need to make yourself comfortable, then I’ll come back up.”

The raw truth hit her; by marrying her, he claimed the possession of her body for his complete satisfaction careless of her feelings.

She already saw the arrogant figure open the drawer, take out the gear and after slipping on the thin gloves, tie her to one of the posts, naked and blindfolded totally prey of his dominion; perversion would prevail on complicity, desire, love… 

Unexpectedly though, the shudders gave way to fits of pleasure and flushed by an intense wave of heat, Nancy felt an unfamiliar urge take hold of her as though ravished by the expectation of an unknown ecstasy.

Perhaps, Arthur wanted to surprise her with more seductive means… and make her feel like a captured princess or a gorgeous slave… It would be a new wild adventure she was suddenly dying to undertake; for the first time, lascivious naughtiness sounded great fun.

Feeling totally disinhibited, in her laced baby doll, the face still resplendent with the bridal make-up, she eagerly waited for the upcoming treat of wantonness.

Much to her surprise, Arthur didn’t open the drawer and delusion blew out all enthusiasm.

“First nights are never the best,” he said dryly, after getting dressed.

From the slightly open bathroom door she saw him furtively slip some of the toys and gear into his pockets before leaving the room.

Evidently, according to his promiscuous morals, they were too vicious for a wife, but fit for the ladies he would go on paying for his lewd pleasure.

Nancy heard his nervous steps running down the staircase, followed by the slamming of the door.