Nora Cox

Nora Cox grew up in the Midwest and received her MFA in Writing & Poetics from Naropa University. She currently works at Denver Public Library as a librarian. 


Love Letter


as we settle into one another

if this is our mode of

             communication, what


provides a certain

comfort, enough to

wallow in, maybe then

            we become

            more than words, as we push up

            through flesh.





deeper than breath

thicker than blood

          beyond that.


swimming in it



I cannot face you. That

is the reason

we keep

this correspondence.


Even though you rely on

lips. I cannot face the

disappointment that

proximity presents.



in water

in ice

in vapor

          collared, conducted.


grabbed by the horns or the wishbone,

                      as if this were a song.



But to hold there. To tan my toes, my

          whole body.


     I imagine it’s a jolt to the


till the color

drains from your

         skin. till all

     the blood is drained from your body.



everything might be still.


if I could (just) take your eyes

     out with a melon baller


if I could lose your stare

by scratching my skin

                  with meat bones



from where you are


I tell myself this is the face

I will melt down to wax. This is

the face I will melt down to



deep down, as opposed to light, where

               something other than love grows.