Mentorship Program  

"All our voices are equally valuable, and the conversation started by the white hetero cis able-bodied men of the world will not be complete until it's joined by everyone."
Lynn Brewer-Muse


Cliterature is offering a pilot mentorship program to launch in spring 2017. 


Who should apply

This mentorship program is about centering women, people of color, LGBTQ, Native, disabled, trans, and the multitude of voices who have been underrepresented in the publishing industry. 

What it is

A mentoring program that lasts 12 months where participants learn how to publish a literary journal and takes them through producing the first issue.

Mentees will learn how to solicit and market for submissions, the process of reviewing and selecting content, creating and updating a website, and marketing the publication. Through a combination of group calls, collaborative work, and individual projects, participants will acquire valuable skills, get hands-on experience, and complete the program with a strategy for the future. 

how it works

Beginning in May 2017, participants will engage through mandatory bi-weekly group calls and optional lab work on alternating weeks. They will also be responsible for completing tasks related to their individual projects in between calls. 

Because this is a pilot program, the program is free with the exception of raw costs related to individual projects. Participants will be asked to provide feedback for improvements.

Applications accepted through April 15th, 2017.