Volume 53
Fall 2019


Founder, Editor-in-Chief
Lynn Brewer


Coffee lover

A short story by Thomas Shea

When I awoke on Day Two of my monthly cycle, I loathed everything about my body.  Cramps wracked my abdomen like my uterus had grown spurs. Bloating turned my pajama bottoms’ waistband into a misplaced but enthusiastic noose.  Oil oozed over my skin, and my hair clumped like it belonged in a shower drain. My breath reeked like a hoarder's pantry, and my maxi pad had suffered a bloody defeat in the night.  It felt 20 degrees too cold to get up.

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An poem by Ann Cefola

When Barbie had her hysterectomy, Ken had no idea what it was.

Unaware she’d been bleeding for years. Her Anne-Francis face

wide open on the OR table.  Drill the doctor had to use

to cut through polyvinyl chloride.

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A poem by Jo Angela Edwins

When that quick red river

ran dry, desire did too.

Spry and lithe when young,

this body grew old and shot

itself to hell.

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vanity card

A flash creative non-fiction piece by Dawn Corrigan

In fourth grade, I went from being a shy but essentially cheerful girl to a moody and unpredictable one, practically overnight. My fourth-grade teacher, Mrs. Safer, was alarmed enough by this sudden change in disposition to phone my mother at home.

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The water runs red

A short story by Marissa McNamara

Nights, the boys wake me. They stand in the corners, watching for my eyes to open, and then they are on top, pinning me down with their dirty sheet smell. They are pungent and wet with adolescence.

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