Me too

Volume 47
spring 2018


Lynn Brewer-Muse

Ettinger God.jpg

an act of god (or, #metoo)

A poem by Sarah A. Ettinger

I saw God on the subway today.
At first, I didn’t recognize him,
because he wore a gray suit
with a crisp shirt and tie.

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Ettinger Harem.jpg

The harem

A poem by Sarah A. Ettinger

Your sister’s dolls
seemed to wait,
teetering on the shelf
for your nimble fingers

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if only

A poem by Elizabeth Ashe

If only he wasn't my boss' boyfriend,

I would have hurt him.


Taken the knife I kept palm-checking

in my pocket, or the scissors on my desk

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it could be anyone

A nonfiction piece by Aurora M. Lewis

It was late in the evening and my mother and I were waiting for a bus to take us to my grandparents. 

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Sutton River.jpg

meandering river

A poem by Virginia Chase Sutton

At the beginning there was a sweet slow stream

quickly moving. Then full banks rise high

as my father brings me to the edge. 

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A short story by Yasmine Rukia

She lost her virginity to Dr. Wily’s Castle pulsing in the background.

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midnight call

A monologue by Martha Patterson


     (Rubbing her eyes and getting out of bed.)

Murder mysteries.  I read them ‘cuz my mother does.  Runs in the family.

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Sutton Second.jpg

the second rape

A poem by Virginia Chase Sutton

It is hard for me to tell you of the second time.

You might say I was entirely at fault, too trusting,

an innocent, a fool.

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why i hate christmas

An essay by Gay Pasley

I found the picture and then I lost it.

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