Volume 45
Fall 2017


Lynn Brewer-Muse


ali and amy

A short story by Dana Hammer

Ali focused intently on her crossword puzzle, chewing her Bic pen to aid her failing memory as she grasped for an eight letter word for "loose, in a manner of speaking."  

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art of the womb

A poem by Crystal Rothenwander

All the furniture of my house knows the weight of my anxiety.

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ease of use

A poem by Jessica McKenna

I’m easy with myself, wear it

Like a badge of honor

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i flatten myself at high noon

A poem by Katherine MacCue

and place a hand, fingers on, shard and holy ghost

(dreaming him) hovering

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learning to live for me

A nonfiction piece by Erin Gunther

I was raised without a vocabulary for my feminine sexuality.

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moon and sun

A short story by Ty Spencer Vossler

I wasn’t looking.

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solo sonata

A poem by Gayle Bell

I was going to write

a love poem

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A poem by Cassidy Castro

I wish time would stop or I wish I was dead.

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you are not the one you're rooting for

A short story by Dani Starling

The Kingsmans were the type of people who would make perfect children: young, good looking, white, upper-middle-class, the kind who would be lucky enough to make fraternal twins of opposite genders who would be shipped off to private universities as soon as they entered into adulthood.

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