Lisa DeSiro

Lisa DeSiro works for a non-profit organization and is an assistant editor for Indolent Books. She is also a freelance accompanist. Her publications includeLabor (Nixes Mate, 2018) and Grief Dreams (White Knuckle Press, 2017), as well as several poems in journals and anthologies. Read more at



(after Sylvia Plath’s “The Munich Mannequins”)


We are the color of nobody’s flesh.

Our pseudo-skin flawless, hairless.


We are only semi-

anatomically correct:


our perfect permanently perky

symmetrical breasts lack


nipples; between our legs

nothing but smooth solidity.


Barren as dolls, we cannot kiss

or bleed or sweat or wrinkle.


Posed on our toes we seem poised,

even when headless. Those of us


with heads have featureless faces,

blank as unbroken eggs. Those


with mouths are mute, lacking tongues.