Linda m. Crate


we'll make it happen


if you take away

access to birth control

there's going to be

back alley abortions again

which will only serve to kill

and harm women,


but then again you don't

really care about them

do you?

all this talk about how women

have come so far and have greater

rights than men but that's a lie


we're still only seen as pretty faces

and broodmares and given backhanded

compliments that we're told we should

be grateful for,

and the only thing i have to say is i spit

in the face of your patriarchy because we matter

without us there is no you;


maybe that's why you hate and fear us

because our magic and our power is so great

no longer shall we be devalued by men

who think that our only purpose is to be wives

and mothers and our relationships to our men are the

only tethers that matter in this world because

we have ambition, dreams, and hopes and we'll make them happen.