Linda M. Crate


time for dreams


my body is my own

i am more than the sum of my sex


so if you could see me as something more

than a good time,

if you could see me as an actual person;

that'd be a great start—

stop speaking over me,

or telling me when i can and cannot speak,

stop making laws that concern things

you'll never have to endure;

and actually listen to my concern and my fears

without scoffing or criticizing me or my choices—

my body is my own,

and i resent you for thinking you're entitled to it

just because you find me attractive;

i would feel flattered that you would like me

except there's always some price to pay

for my safety when i reject your advances and i am done

playing your game and of smiling or laughing off

things that make me feel uncomfortable—

i will smash your patriarchy

until you can't find the pieces of your corrupt black soul

because i am done with nightmares

it is time for dreams.