Lauren Hudgins


Jezebel Stayed


Lot's wife looked.
Pandora looked.
Psyche looked.
The Lady of Shallot looked
and the mirror cracked at the sight of her. 

Eve ate till she needed new clothes.
Persephone ate and
went straight to hell for breaking her diet.

Lilith fucked.
Morgan Le Fay fucked.
Helen of Troy fucked up.
Dido fucked
but wanted something more. 

Salomé danced seductively.
Cassandra teased cock. 
The sphinx asked too many questions.
And Jezebel stayed exactly where she belonged
composed, regal, formidable
ready for her gentleman caller.
Deposed from power 
with the gravity of a man,

the earth indiscriminately receives all falling bodies
with equally quick eagerness.