laura chaignon

Laura Chaignon is a twenty-two year-old France-based author and a graduate student at the University of the Sorbonne where she studies the effect of artificial intelligence creativity on the world of literature. She is primarily a French writer but her work has appeared in Eyedrum Periodically and in the anthology The Kindness of Strangers.


The hooker bar

I walk past the red walls

Shouting inside my head

To mask the uninvited words of men

Their smell of sweat smell of dirt

Smell of hash smell of sex and violence

When I reach this bar

Where women have their mouth wide open

Overflowing with words they despise

Words they disguise

With laughs that last just a little too long

This desecrated temple

Where goddesses smile at sinners

Where devils raise their voices

And make angels


I do not want to look up

For I do not want to see

A bloody hand caressing a divine neck

For I do not want to recognize

The eyes of a martyr

Below their frown of resignation.