Julene Tripp Weaver


Country Boy

Tripp Weaver.jpg

I want to slide up to you

make all your big city fears come true

country boy, you watch your wallet so careful

stand over us, protect your turf 

in cowboy boots, all big and tall.


a He man, I want to wrap you round my finger

slip your long thin dick inside me

feel you give in to softness

my warm vagina a cave that sucks

men out of themselves.


Come here big boy, dance with me

come across the mountains to my turf

where I stand sexy in my dark city bar

wait for you, lumberjack, your wife at home

a couple of kids, why do you stop at this bar,


searching for something no doubt

you travel old growth back hill roads to city

afraid work will dry up

all these damn environmentalists.

Honey come stand by my tree


let your worries dissolve

spend one night your guard down 

a cheap thrill, and yes baby

spill all your big city backwater 

country fears into my arms, I’ll eat them up


spit them out, because I’ve been on both sides

of the track, and Honey, I want to spew 

my love over you, swing off chandeliers, 

take you for a ride across my moon highway 

for only one night.