Judy Swann

Judy Swann is the orphaned daughter of decent Midwestern people. She is a poet and essayist who publishes fairly frequently both in print and online. She has a book of poetry, Fool, forthcoming from Aldrich Press in 2019 and a book of essays on the cartoon hero Stickman coming out from Young Bros in November.


Complaint to Her Old, Empty Purse


To you, Big P, and to no other squeeze,

I complain, because you’re busted

or on strike or lost your keys

as winter roars in and your gray hairs freeze.


The stupendous peace of this p-free space,

this unperturbed and shudderless base,

is paper thin and paper white, these

drapes the last of lang syne’s lust

with pink knob under bald, always at ease,

tidy and intractable despite a sea

of testosteroned chaps with ligament-laced

togs, suitable for a Grecian vase.


To you I toast. I’ve loved you, Origine

du Monde. Though they’ve called you sleaze

and focused on the thrust and dust

of their bended, ambivalent knee,

I miss the bleeding, P, the moods, the rage.


Even offstage you upstage.

So take this complaint, old friend, old sister dear

And stuff it in a sachet with vetivert and sage.