jessica mckenna

Jessica McKenna is a New York City poet by way of rural Connecticut. She lives with her fiancee and their four cats, all of whom have watched her in intimate moments at one time or another. She has been previously published in Lavender Review, Sinister Wisdom, and several other journals both sweet and salty.


ease of use

I’m easy with myself, wear it

Like a badge of honor:

I can do it in

Bathrooms, beds, childhood homes,

Draped on couches, spread

On kitchen counters.

It’s a quick thing –

Five or so all rubbed out

In five minutes or less.

And if the roommate, parent, chef

Comes in first, no worry. I’ll be

Dry as summer streets

Soon enough.

My fiancée is different, she

Gets sensitive,



Two fingers must be used

To gently cup the clit, rub


you-know? Cozy,

A candles-and-bedsheets affair.

Sometimes, instead of lighting it all

And making a go of her myself, I

Sit on our toilet with knees pressed

Tight against our narrow walls,

Beat the rough-pant nerves-spent urge out of me

Before it can spread.