Volume 44
Summer 2017


Lynn Brewer-Muse


1200 Generations

A poem by Ava Bird

1200 generations a slave
40 days and 40 nights
fighting tides

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the great canadian beaver-eating contest

A short story by Leah Mueller

I was at Burning Man for two days before I finally looked at the official program. Up to that point, I had wandered aimlessly around the playa, scoring free alcohol, which existed in abundance. Burning Man billed itself as a radical expression of art and community, but most of its activities revolved around drinking intoxicating beverages while wearing glow-stick hats and furry knee socks. I wanted to try something new.

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a girl and her knife

A poem by Sage Curtis

Like swimming in a pool during a lightning storm

the humidity cracking overhead

I feel it still rolling the salt of it

over my tongue.

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the hooker bar

A poem by Laura Chaignon

I walk past the red walls

Shouting inside my head

To mask the uninvited words of men

Their smell of sweat smell of dirt

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into folds this body

A poem by Samantha Wallen

i want to write of membranes

go a little further into plural

genitalia and attend to the places

i feel scared

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A poem by Mercedes Webb-Pullman

Primeval Mother breathed the world, and we

were formed from the beginning, unified,

one consciousness, both male and female, tied

by caretaker’s responsibility

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Portrait at 27

A poem by sage Curtis

1. Crossing a baseball field behind my middle school, I learned the term jailbait from the men repainting the diamond

2. The time I had to take a shower after sucking a dick I thought I wanted to suck

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that girl

A poem by Vivian Li

That girl

is not yours

to mangle.

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vaginas are dangerous and not to be trusted

A poem by Cassie Osvatics

my head thrown back

back arched    mouth gasping

but I conned him    into thinking that he won

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what does it mean to write from the body that is woman?

A poem by Ashley Gravett

The heart flows all the way out through your fingertips she said knowingly

No wonder so much of my heart comes out through my pen

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who is responsible for the suffering of your mother?

A poem by Samantha Wallen

The silence surrounds her. A character of fiction, her name rises with a tide of words—do you know her name and place of birth? A walk along the jagged shoreline she wades through the debris to re-member.

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