crystal rothenwander

Crystal Rothenwander is a southern queer poet, born and raised in Florida.
The focus of her work is to express and explore sex-positivity, gender, body image, fetishism, love, vulnerability, and the unique authenticity of connection.


art of the womb

All the furniture of my house knows the weight of my anxiety.

The sexual texture of the evening has everything to do with self-love.

Come off your pages, trade in your kings, and check into my orbit.

This body is my land.


My teeth skimming a new language.

A map of pleasure points. 

I am art of the womb.

Flash freezed memories flood my system. 


My nakedness is profound, skin against bed sheets. 

Slope and slide.

The curve of my stomach is full. 

The gentle tugging of nipples.


The fat of my love hangs over the sides,

you'll need an enzyme. 

Meet me back at the hip.

Let me seep in small increments.


I am offering subtle saplings as suggestions.

Ghost of creativity.

Ghost of a woman.

Ghost of a lover. 


And if you never come, I'll just pull my own god damn hair.