cassidy castro



I wish time would stop or I wish I was dead.

I want to be punished for having these thoughts in my head.

I wish I was asleep right now because I’m so tired.

After this I’ll go to sleep.

I stick my right hand down my pants.

It’s already wet down there, I’m always wet down there.

I can feel my legs tightening and my breath getting heavier.

I love playing with my clit.

I wish someone would cover my face with a pillow right now and suffocate me.

I’m so ugly.

I wish I was dead.

This feels so good though.

My middle finger is slippery, my hand is covered in cum.

I stick two of my fingers in my pussy and cover my mouth with my left hand.

I can’t stop touching myself, my mind is going blank.

I can feel something leaking from my eyes.

Why am I crying?

When did my moans turn to sobs?

I’m feeling good.


I wish I could stay like this forever.

I deserve to be punished.

I’ll go to sleep soon.