Bron Bateman

Glenna’s short fiction and CNF has been published in Room, Reflex, the Same and is forth coming in The New Quarterly. She’s also had her work featured on CBC Radio. Her first novel is in final stages of labour, in fact it’s crowning. She is hopelessly addicted to blueberries. 


Girls Like That


She knows exactly what I like.


I like


girls with short hair girls with striped shirts

and cuffs unbuttoned that hang below their wrists

girls with small

breasts and pierced nipples

girls with grey jackets

and purple Docs

steady eyes and leather collars


with boots clever girls with smooth hands

girls who can write

girls who kiss the back of my neck

who kiss

while everybody watches

girls who bite girls who are good

with words

girls who make my mouth go dry.


What do you like? She asks,

her voice as shadowed as the room.


I push back, as she laughs

and fucks me. I open

and breathe.


Tell me, she says,

no longer amused,

close now, so close

I can feel it building in her body.

What do you like? With


her breasts

heavy against mine

and her dick still deep inside me.