Aurora M. Lewis

Aurora M. Lewis is a retiree, having worked in finance for 40 years.  In her 50’s she received a Certificate in Creative Writing-General Studies, with honors from UCLA.  Her poems, short stories, and nonfiction have been accepted by The Literary Hatchet, Gemini Magazine, Persimmon Tree, Cliterature Journal, Jerry Jazz Musician, and The Blue Nib, to name a few. 


One More Time


Keep him hidden in a place deep inside

where memories of gentle words, muscled

calves laced with mine hide

The thrust of pelvis, breast to chest

arms locked moving me back and forth

like wind through treetops


Sweat trickling down my face creating a

pool in the place above my collarbone

His toes finding mine, clinging to his

shoulders, kissing his lips, giggling

from the tickle of his beard


Longing for him to hold me, even now

his embrace letting me feel again

the warmth of his skin next to mine

needing the nearness of him


Feeding me with just a touch

His face against my fallen breast

asleep in these weathered arms

one more time