Audree TarA


To My Lover


To my lover, who has outlived your usefulness…

No longer embraced by the darkness you exhume…

Covered in the reality that you no longer cure my heart.

I walk amongst the flowers now

Wondering why I ever listened to

The madness of the habitual rhythms

Another churning of the unwanted chatter

I turned around and disconnected you from a matrix of lies

Freeing my heart to fill me with another song

Different in the play of ecstasy,

in the dance of a new era,

My mind, my body and my soul return to

Their truth

Finally held in Wholiness

Seeking the new way to live

In the footsteps of a path unpaved

My vision returns from slumber… Good-bye old friend

For I shall see you no more… You are no longer my destiny,

My truth, or my way…

You are no longer the chatter of my mind that played games with my reality

Your effects have no grasp of my consciousness

And it is the end…

of who I used to call me.