Volume 50
winter 2018


Founder, Editor, Publisher
Lynn Brewer-Muse


“the girl with no door on her mouth”

A poem by W. Celeste Davis Stragand

like a stranger in the mirror this line across the forehead each injection etched and aged

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A mixed genre piece by Gerard Sarnat

In the Co-op, hippies nodded, Nice bandana on her!

At the park, Japanese grandparents smiled, She’s so sweet.

The child’s 102 year-old great-grandma wrote after I emailed

a photo, Eli's kid looks more like a girl than the girl. Love, Mom. 

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A Gift (Not of the Magi)

A short story by Alice Benson

Amy eyed the box. It was the right size for a scarf or maybe a purse. Holding her breath, she lifted the cover to find pink silk and black lace. Picking up a pair of panties, she dangled them between two fingers like a dead animal. Crotch-less, she noticed. Some styles really are classic and timeless.

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a point at which everything changes: self-pleasure in four acts

Fiction by Samantha Wallen

In the dark space of the Fox Movie Theater, in a small Wyoming town, I was pulled toward the pleasure of my own body. As little orphan Annie lived her hard-knock life on the big screen and wished for parents and a home of her own, I discovered my clitoris. It wasn’t the first time.

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Aces High

A poem by Jessica McKenn

There was a moment today,

In that half-dressed second between

Sitting and standing

In the company restroom, when

I realized

The vagina is nothing, really,

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the arrangement

A short story by Jeannette Perosa

He comes to her some nights. It’s been that way since she found him staring at her from the dark; when the sky was void of stars. It took her a while to let her mind wander as her body became fulfilled, allowing herself to be with another man. It was an arrangement— a secret—one from which she mutually benefitted.

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Body Sex un-Haiku

Poetry by Aleticia KS Tijerina

Art of Love’s trope  

Has produced one hundred modes  

Our mortal pleasures divine

Our sex tours de force

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A poem by Lauren Cerruto

Our first date, he unbuckled to show me his

favorite souvenir from Glastonbury: a cracked

brown leather belt, an inch and a half wide,

soft pliable hide that flexes and folds,

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Careless Whispers and Cut Glass

A short story by Valerie Brundage

The boys they laugh and swipe and pull at my bra straps. I water down my scotch because someone's filled it up again without me watching, and I don't know exactly who did exactly what.

I wasn't a scotch person until Mark introduced me to its velvet pleasure.

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Chapter 15 of Trompe-l'oeil

Fiction by Russell Bittner

As Kit became absorbed in opening one of the champagne bottles, Daneka studied him and wondered where he—and the champagne—would take them.  He filled the two flutes, handed one to her and raised his own.

“To the future of stories and story-telling,” he said. 

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Christian Slater

A short story by Kona Morris

Christian Slater.

You knew just what you were doing back in 1989 when you took your maniacal babyfaced J.D. and rode his dark sunglasses and cackling smile into the chasm of my nine-year-old heart.

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city love

A poem by Aimee Herman

Our first kiss was messy.

Your soot tongue was Keith Haring graffiti and mine was overripe New Jersey tomato, but we made it work.

You read me the dirt beneath your fingernails and I asked you questions

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Complaint to Her Old, Empty Purse

A poem by Judy Swann

To you, Big P, and to no other squeeze,

I complain, because you’re busted

or on strike or lost your keys

as winter roars in and your gray hairs freeze.

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Tripp Weaver.jpg

Country Boy

A poem by Julene Tripp Weaver

I want to slide up to you

make all your big city fears come true

country boy, you watch your wallet so careful

stand over us, protect your turf 

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A short story by David W. Landrum

Lennie woke, about 3 a.m., from his wife touching him. He knew when he reached for her that she had taken off the nightgown she always wore to bed. They usually made love on Wednesday night, but both were tired and had gone to sleep.

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A short story by Elaine Barnard

I weigh three hundred pounds. Even when I tip the scales it’s still three hundred. Clinically I’m obese, morbidly obese.  “Obese,” I understand, but “morbid” I do not. It sounds ghoulish as if I’m some kind of monster, as if I willed myself to be this way.

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A poem by Kathie Giorgio

I am warm and waking-drowsy

when you come into our bed

bearing coffee and cheese danish

and baring yourself too.

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The Fine Line Between Transcendence and Impropriety

A poem by MK Punky

Making love with windows open

Sneaky breeze our messenger

Cries and screams

Out and in

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the First night

Flash fiction by Olivia Arieti

Before dating Arthur, Nancy had quite a few stories but this time it was different; the guy, young and most handsome, possessed a seductive charm that highly contrasting with his austere demeanour, kept their bodies at an unusual distance.

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From my Bhutan Diary, 1973-74

Poetry by R.K. Singh

In labours' colony

she is coupled 

whole night and gets

abused and flogged

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A poem by Cassie Osvatics

You're the only one I've lied to besides myself.

I've gotten really good at lying.

to you

and myself

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A poem by Kathleen Murphey

What does Girl mean?

“Sugar and spice and everything nice”


Thanks to expressions like “Go Girl!” and “Girlfriend!”

Today, in America, “girl” refers to any human female

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Girls Like That

A poem by Bron Bateman

She knows exactly what I like.


I like


girls with short hair girls with striped shirts

and cuffs unbuttoned that hang below their wrists

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Aveningo Sanders.jpg

How to Seduce Me

A poem by Shawn Aveningo Sanders

Forget the restaurant.

Forget reservations

      at Zagat’s number one pick.

Cook for me. 

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Carol Lynn.jpg

In Another Life

A poem by Carol Lynn Stevenson Grellas

In another life, I held a woman

in my arms and licked her lips

tinged with honey. I wore a veil


and thin black ribbon with a cameo

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In the Shower

A poem by Krisann Janowitz

In the shower,

I remember my



I touch my bare

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Jezebel Stayed

A poem by Lauren Hudgins

Lot's wife looked.
Pandora looked.
Psyche looked.
The Lady of Shallot looked

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Leading Lady

A monologue by Martha Patterson

So, I was in this play in college – I was a virgin in real life, right? – I was only 18, and it was a period play, and I was the leading lady, and there I am in my Victorian lace dress, and this guy was playing my husband, and right there on stage during a performance, he was supposed to kiss me, only suddenly it was his tongue in my mouth!

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Little Red Corvette

A mixed genre piece by Leah Rogin-Roper and Natalia Aramovich

Mom always loved Prince and so many Sunday mornings started with “Little Red Corvette” that I knew all the words. When she slid the cassette into the player in the car and asked me if I knew what metaphors were, I shrugged.

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Love Ballad Of The Lonely Octopus

A poem by Yrik-Max Valentonis

I live in an aquarium, waiting upon her desire

with beautiful exotic fish

a moving painting, an aquatic pornography.

She calls me her sexy sushi.

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Love Letter

A poem by Nora Cox

as we settle into one another

if this is our mode of

             communication, what


provides a certain

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A short story/essay by T.C. Mill

I admit, I debated titling this “(Wo)manifesto,” but have decided not to for two reasons: first, it has more than a few things to do with men as well, and second, perhaps most importantly, the wordplay would be, in my not terribly humble yet honest opinion, far too cute.

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Mister Dzin

A short story by Kawika Guillermo

Its dance caused my nails to extend past the palm rest until they minutely scratched the down-sloped curves of the plastic grated floor. I fidgeted in my seat. Never had I seen a pure-blooded human without an impregnated egg sack before.

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On the New Guy in the Office Next to Mine

A poem by Adrienne Christian

I could say Hey

You going

To the reading this Thursday?

I’ll come if you come.

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One More Time

A poem by Aurora M. Lewis

Keep him hidden in a place deep inside

where memories of gentle words, muscled

calves laced with mine hide

The thrust of pelvis, breast to chest

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A nonfiction story by Danielle Davis

I hear the toilet flush and I cringe, curling my naked body up into a ball in my childhood bedroom. I feel the all too familiar shame that washes over me whenever Jack and I have sex while Dad is away at his weekly chemo appointments. I lie there, waiting for Jack to return, and wonder if this is how I’m supposed to feel.

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Our Culture Protests. . . But Not If She’s . . .

A poem by Gayle Bell

I spoke with a cabbie today.  He was amazed that I’m clean and sober for decades.  How did you do it he exclaimed.  Well, the Lord; I off hand, that and the aa/na sis/brohood.  We don’t have that in my community.  No re-hab, no self-help places.  Our community is small in a large area. 

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Pay attention

A poem by Kat Abrams

Read closely—


So close

     that these words

          are written

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Pissing Off the Side of the Row Boat into the Salamonie Reservoir Night Fishing

A poem by Dawn Cunningham Hines

The night is muggy, my pussy sweats
like a cat thrown in the pool . . .
even a cool down thought aspires
bladder into action.

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Play Me

A short story by Jaap Boekestein

The blond guy with the deep blue eyes walked up to her and fired away: “Hi, you are Sally, aren't you? I am Mike, a friend of the groom. I loved the way you did that solo during the ceremony. You are in a band? I play the sax myself.”

Sally put away her violin and looked him over.

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A poem by Rich Murphy

The storybook's pages popped out

into the rooms of the house where she

now lives. Every house on her street

was constructed in the same manner.

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Queen of Thistles

A poem by Crystal Rothenwander

You say, “Loneliness flows along the rivers”
Cupping my left breast, a pear in your hand. 
You say, “Energy changes forms but never dies.” 

I am a free agent of the metaphysical realm. 

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A short story by Ty Spencer Vossler

Lucia was precocious, capable of seeing mathematical possibilities overlooked by peers. She was sociable, worked well with nearly everyone, and was easy on the eye. This final factor explained her popularity at male-dominated math conferences. Yet, math researchers were only as good as their latest results.

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Ride Me

A poem by Tracey Stein

In the passenger seat of the car I feel my mind spin and jolt

like on one of the rides they are working so hard to construct for this weekend’s fair.

The rides that my father always says are put up way too quickly,

and couldn’t be safe at all.

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The Ruby Threads in Your Hair

A short story by Nina Fosati

Heather agrees to spend the week between Christmas and New Year in Tennessee with Robin. They stay with Robin’s grandmother who lives in an old farmhouse without central heat or running water. Every morning they clatter down the stairs to inhale the delicious food as if they are starving.

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A poem by Virginia Chase Sutton

After one dreadful sexual experience,

both of us unsatisfied, after you shove

into my snatch, me wanting you out,

you calm on the quarter moon.

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The Sperm Bank

Flash fiction by Nancy Stohlman

We have a wide variety of sperm here the receptionist said, and all our donors are on a strict vegetarian diet and workout regimen. They consume no sugar, white flour, dairy, meat, fermented foods of any kind and of course no drugs or alcohol. No porn and 8 hours sleep per night.

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Tangled Up in Pink

A poem by Ruth Sajonje

Early one morning

the unforgiving sun of the sub-Sahara was shining

and I was lying in bed

wondering if I had changed at all

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A poem by Lytton Bell

Body, Rope, Stretch, Loom
All roads begin and end here, in the framework of living flesh

Siddhi, Shakti, grant me vision
Let me take delight in common things: in stillness, in laughter

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They Must Be Virgins

A poem by Gene Goldfarb

So they laugh in mirrors,

in tissues, sideways in rosy guilt

their hands up

near teeth-skinning knuckles

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time for dreams

A poem by Linda M. Crate

my body is my own

i am more than the sum of my sex


so if you could see me as something more

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To My Lover

A poem by Audree Tara

To my lover, who has outlived your usefulness…

No longer embraced by the darkness you exhume…

Covered in the reality that you no longer cure my heart.

I walk amongst the flowers now

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Under Duress

A short story by Kim Idol

bored, hot and horny seeking someone feeling the same - w4m

Looking for someone to spend a couple of hours with this afternoon. Friendly, fun, oral (and otherwise) sex until it's time to go. Need to meet at a neutral location. What do you say?

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An oil on canvas painting by Ava Bird

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Upon Consulting a Geologist

A poem by Sarah Thursday

the geologist says

    you need less abrasion

         and more eruption in your life

       she says my sedimentary

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A poem by Lisa DeSiro

We are the color of nobody’s flesh.

Our pseudo-skin flawless, hairless.


We are only semi-

anatomically correct:

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Wendy and Peter Pan

A short story by Betina Cipher

The clock in the otherwise silent hall intoned the hour of twelve, ringing in Wendy Darling’s eighteenth birth-day. It was a windless night, yet some of the shadows in the room were moving; Wendy, still wide-awake in her bed, was too preoccupied to give them much notice.

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The 120-Second Workout

A short story by Carla Stern

I put the seat back in my hybrid, placed the pillow behind my head and shut my eyes. Not sleeping, not resting. I cracked the window: it was still summer, oppressive and close. I had the familiar Ambien aura around my eyes and tingling around my pussy from when I had masturbated at 4 am.

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