Aleticia KS Tijerina


body Sex un-Haiku




Art of Love’s trope  

Has produced one hundred modes  

Our mortal pleasures divine

Our sex tours de force



Elephantine (1 BC)


O Singing poetess    

Writer of licentious 

   Papayas are ripening!

Seek moral indecency 

Watch honeysuckle tongues 

Lick stiff-standing gods under      

Eyes staring into black holes 



Her Lips of Iris


Lay down young girl

Lay down softly upon my

Bed of fragrant lavender 

Opening lips of Iris

Letting tongue rim caverns

Letting my cock black as onyx     

Pool intrepid white waters



Ancient Love


Gladdening girls rise! 

Amber feet beneath parlor doors

   Open it quickly!

Let me steal golden goblets

Glass crystals of fire and cum!





Gardens of flowers

Enslave me my Love’s red wine

I will drink till I’m very drunk! 



The Sewing Kit


Spools of colored threads

Soft hues of rich blue-black cherries 

Lace tempts sailor’s cutters     

Spiraling opening wide thighs   

   Yet you recoil, my Love, why? 

Hummingbirds flutter above

Your soft cushion lifts higher

My needle to pierce what’s mine 

I’ll squander your sex my Love

When sewing kits are left open 



The Wandering Whore 


A wandering whore

Told me a boy long ago   

With plump red lips had

Forced down on top of her

She begging him to stop   

   But when awakened next day!  

The wandering whore had dreamt  

Spools of blood ran down her thighs  

And the pretty boy

Who long ago had untied   

Her sex now open

To men’s diseases and death



The Garden


Hesperides’ roses 

Intoxicating aromas

Allures Olga and seven girls

To hump garden rails and legs



Sex Slavery


Bodies torn by stone

Are abominable offenses    

Let all sex be fair

   In the marketplace of Love!  

Men who violate consent 

Violate Aphrodite





I saw Zeus

Bathing his male servant Ceas

A stone hand rosy

Opening holes for pleasure



The Fall


Milky gems fall from skies

Moss tassels catch her bare thighs 

Arousing rosy nipples 

Gems left unpolished tarnish



The Arch Nirvana


Pleat untouched legs 

Under mine wrists tied to post    

I arch and pull back

My arrow to penetrate  

Your radiant hot lapis!