Adrienne Christian

Adrienne Christian is the author of two poetry collections — 12023 Woodmont Avenue (Willow Lit, 2013) and A Proper Lover (Main Street Rag, 2017). She is the editorial assistant at Prairie Schooner literary journal. She teaches Creative Writing and Women’s Literature at The University of Nebraska.


On the New Guy in the Office Next to Mine


I could say Hey

You going

To the reading this Thursday?

I’ll come if you come.

Or I could get dressed up

In something

With an impossible-to-reach back zipper,

And pretty-plead for some assistance.


I could wait for the rainy season.

Then be always ready to leave

when he’s always ready to leave

And offer to give him a ride.

Or I could offer him my

perfumed wrists and ask please

For some bracelet latch



And then, one day, I could not knock.

Just sit and sip my tea, and read


But I’d have strategically placed my necklace

On my desk

Having it serve as a




He’d walk by and say

Don’t you need my help today?

Your help?? I’d say.

With your necklace, he’d point.

Need help putting it on?

Oh that!! Well, that’s called a

Choker. But, sure, you can do that.

Please and thank you.